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CSS Assured Benefits

We Put Your Client's Property Back to Its Original Shape.

Comprehensive Claims Are Submitted.
With proprietary tools and highly trained and experienced staff, our claim process allows claims and supplements to be professionally completed, electronically submitted and securely stored and available for online review.  This process will fully restore your customer's home back to its original and newly improved condition.  We work with you to define what hidden or overlooked damage that may have been caused by the storm, to make sure homeowners, get their home fully restored.

Time is Saved.
Our claim processing experts can reduce the time from estimate to customer payment with our electronic estimating tools, digital filing, and digital and hard copy document storage process making sure all key  
content (pictures, files, documents) are secure and well managed.  The time saved, allows the reimbursements to get to the customers, and then the contractors to get to work faster, putting happy families into well-restored homes.  These professional and secure records are available to you online 7 days a week. 

Everyone Wins with Assured Contractor Claim Services: 

The Contractor:
  • Saves time: Lets you focus on running your business with more time for sales
  • Reduces personnel costs
  • Increases satisfaction and referrals
  • Simple to execute and claims managed by experienced experts
The Home Owner:
  • Their home is back to their original look and feel
  • They have digital back up of the entire claim
  • Hidden damage is investigated to save on future claims
  • Full value of home is quickly restored
The Insurance Company
  • Fully documented claims
  • Assured work is completed
  • Increases goodwill and policy renewals