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Our Simple Process

Our Process Is Simple and Effective

Step #1:

You sign up the claim with the Property owner (residential and/or commercial).  

Capture all the damage information to the home or commercial buildings.  

Assured CCS offers online or paper checklists to help gather the necessary information.

CCS Assured Helps You Have Happy Clients

Step #2:

You provide Assured CCS the original Adjusters Estimate 
digitally or via fax. 

Easy to get your
case started.

Prompt and Affordable Claim Support

Step #3:

Assured CCS immediately goes to work. We access and request any needed specific information to complete the claim.


CCS Assured Goes to Work for Your and Your Client

Step #4:

Assured CCS updates the estimate and requests any needed items.


Step #5:

Assured CCS submits the supplemental claim estimate working directly with the insurance company on the Property owner's behalf.

Saves contractor time.  

Step #6:

When all work is done, Assured CCS closes out the claim and requests all funds to be releases to the Property owners which creates happy customers and contractors.